Welcome to Classes

Bewerben Sie sich JETZT für den Vorbereitungskurs für das WS 2016/2017

Dear refugees who start studying in Germany or are interested in doing so,

beginning on May 17th, the Berliner Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft offers a 12 weeks preparatory course for non-native students, university-applicants and Studienkolleg-applicants, who want to improve their language skills and refresh the basics of social-, natural- and technoscience in German language.

German-language studying requires the ability to speak and write german on a native speaker's niveau. Hard to accomplish, isn't it?

Therefore we give you the chance to deepen your German language skills while learning the basics of social and natural science not only to successfully pass the Eignungsfestellungsprüfung but also to prepare for your further studies. The courses will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 pm. They're structured as following:

Tuesday: The Block "Natural Sciences" provides elementary knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Wednesday: The Block "Technoscience" provides elementary knowledge in electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

Thursday: The Block "Social Scineces" provides elementary knowledge in economy, law and civics.

All courses will be held completely in German. The first 4 weeks will be mostly teacher-centered teaching and open up after to transform into a university-seminar style. At the end of the Semester you will be able to participate in an exam for a certificate that may help you for your application at the Studienkollegs and later on at the Universities. The target audience of this project are refugees who start studying in Germany or are interested in doing so and possess at least a basic knowledge of the German language.

If you are interested, apply now via e-mail to "vorlesung@bwg-berlin.de" until the 10th of May. The application must include a short presentation of yourself and a motivation letter of about 300 words. Applications will only be accepted in English, German, French or Arabic.